PRESS RELEASE: Regenerating shoes for a healthier life

Shoe innovation meets wellness. Leading Swiss-engineered and sustainable footwear brand GNL starts a new chapter in its strategic development with the help of Porta Advisors and enhances its collaboration with Clinique La Prairie.

Zurich, 11 May 2021 – GNL, the Swiss leading eco-conscious and high-tech footwear brand, has announced today a new chapter in the strategic collaboration with Clinique La Prairie, the world-renowned Swiss clinic and pioneer in wellness and longevity since 1931. An expression of the two Swiss leaders’ quest of excellence, the partnership will lead to the development of new wellness oriented and eco-conscious driven footwear solutions. Porta Advisors Ltd, a Swiss company that offers corporate and financial consultancy, acted as corporate advisory firm, as investor, joined the board and will manage further investment rounds. Inspired by the belief that health starts in the feet, GNL was founded by Swiss ETH engineer Jürg Braunschweiler and his son Eric in 2016 and since then steadily improved. GNL stands for GLIDE AND LOCK and has a unique mission and value proposition: to regenerate while walking thanks to a proprietary advanced Swiss footwear technology.
The GNL shoes are designed with a special sole that contains smart cushioning elements that stimulate the nervous system while walking and increase the muscle activity. The cushioning elements move freely and retract into the sole while walking, which give an optimal powerful push off. The same sole cushioning elements also work when standing still, giving the body an ‘active stance’, which in turn allows for a better posture, increased muscle activity, as well as enhanced blood circulation, and reduces strain on joints.
The Glide’n Lock™ technology and shoes have been awarded by the EMPA St. Gallen, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (an ETH research institute), and the Heeluxe Lab, the Scientific Center for the Study of Footwear, in California, USA.
Backed by science and driven by innovation, GNL and Clinique La Prairie will work together towards a healthier future. Holistic wellness will meet cutting-edge shoe technology in a new generation of footwear that will celebrate the unparalleled expertise of the two leading Swiss houses.
“I created GNL with one goal” says Eric Braunschweiler, GNL Co-Founder and CEO “to make people healthier and fitter with my shoes. We wear shoes at almost every hour of the day and we hardly ever pay attention to how these shoes affect our health and posture. With GNL, we want to show what a difference the right shoe makes.”
Sustainability will be “a driving vision” for the future success of this new chapter of GNL. The challenge for the shoe sector and especially for the sneaker sector is to maintain sales momentum while responding to the demand posed by a more sustainability-aware industry and consumer base and the environment.
Handmade in Europe with forward-thinking sustainability, the development of the shoes will be eco-conscious, vegan and created to regenerate body and mind and to improve the comfort for men and women on a daily basis. Along the entire value chain from the sole to the finished shoe, sustainable quality is already key. An established Italian fashion partner supports product development, including the search for new eco-friendly materials and the production of advanced prototypes.
Suited for all occasions – be it for the gym, walking around town, at work or travelling, GNL will be fitness, wellness and style all rolled into one. The perfect choice for a discerning clientele looking for the smartest regenerating shoes in the world and a healthier life.
GNL. GNL is a leading Swiss-engineered and sustainable footwear brand. GNL has the mission and unique value proposition to regenerate while walking, thanks to a proprietary Swiss footwear technology. With health in the brand DNA, GNL stands for Swiss innovation and fashionable Made in Europe and offer to customers the best regenerating shoe experience.
CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE. Founded in 1931 by Professor Niehans, a pioneer in the development of cell therapy, Clinique La Prairie has established an international reputation as a world-renowned medical clinic and wellness destination. Thanks to ongoing scientific research, Clinique La Prairie is regarded as a leading light in preventative medicine, holistic approach and longevity treatment.
PORTA ADVISORS. Porta Advisors Ltd. is an independent firm with an international scope that offers advisory services to financial institutions, family offices, and corporations. Porta Advisors provides ideas and guidance, trusted advice, sound judgement, and execution – all with an unwavering focus on delivering solutions and centered on supporting clients in achieving their objectives.