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The smartest shoe in the world.
Ultra-comfortable and light through everyday life!

Swiss-engineered, made in Europe.

GNL - The best shoe for you

developed for your health. Without compromise.


The Glide'n Lock™ sole technology

Like walking on clouds

The unique cushioning elements are  360° dynamic and were developed to stimulate your nervous system and foot muscles with every step and to promote your natural gait and healthy posture.

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Walk healthily with GNL

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"I wear GNL shoes because, firstly, they're extremely comfortable and secondly, the axial and horizontal forces on the foot are ideally cushioned."

Dr. med. Patrik Noack, Chief Medical Officer Swiss Olympic

"When my day is packed with various jobs and meetings, I choose an outfit that fits for everything - my GNLs are always part of it. Stylish, light, super comfortable. Unbeatable. "

Luisa Rossi, Lifestyle-Fashion Consultant

"I love these shoes and wear them day and night. Can't be without them!"

Olivier Kofler, Entrepreneur

"Since I've been wearing GNL shoes, my back pain has decreased significantly. I feel super comfortable in my everyday life as well as my daily business."

Peter Marti, Owner Marti Communications AG

"The comfort is unmatched. I'll definitely recommend GNL shoes to my friends and hope for many more models to come. I think that there should be more companies that do not just rely on cheap and fast moving product. Keep it up."

Daniela Portmann, Entrepreneur

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