Quality and sustainability are of the utmost importance to us.

Not only function is our top priority, but also the creation of a sustainable product.


GNL shoes are mainly manufactured in Europe using elaborate handwork. Our cooperation is limited to partners with whom we can ensure comprehensive transparency. Regular personal visits to the production sites ensure compliance with appropriate working conditions and production quality. Our production is in a family-run shoe factory in the Bulgarian mountains. A small factory with a long history and importance within the village and the community. The new George Fire-Line models are manufactured in China due to the high technological requirements. The factory visited meets our strict ethics and product quality standards. This targeted diversification enables us to remain at the forefront of technology without compromising on transparency and ethical standards. Our partner in China meets our strict EU Kodex


We also strive to never produce too much and do our best to match supply and demand in a sustainable way.

All our materials are sourced in Italy. We want to ensure short transportation routes to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure that all our materials meet the highest quality standards.


We want you to enjoy your GNL product for as long as possible. Through our resoling program, you can contribute to a waste-reduced society by extending the life of your shoes.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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