Quality and sustainability are matters of the heart for us

Not only does the function of our products have highest priority, creating them in the most sustainable way does as well.


Every GNL shoe is elaborately handmade in Europe. We only work with partners with whom we have full transparency, and we regularly visit the sites ourselves to ensure proper working conditions and production quality.

Currently, our manufacturing takes place in a family-run shoe factory in the Bulgarian mountains. A small factory with a long history and importance within the village and community.

We also strive to never overproduce and try our best to match supply and demand in a sustainable way.


All our materials are purchased in Italy. We want to ensure short transport routes to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as ensure that all our materials meet the highest quality standards.


Most of the textiles we use, such as polyester for our linings and yarns, are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. We are constantly looking for new and exciting sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.


We only use leather from Italy, which is a waste product from the meat production of free-range cattle. When making the shoes, we take great care to use as much as possible to waste as little material as possible. We don't just use the "perfect" parts.


We want you to enjoy your GNL product for as long as possible. Through our re-sole program, you can help contribute to a waste-free society by extending the life of your shoes. For more information on how to re-sole your GNL shoes, click here.

We are also working on several new innovations in recycling used outsoles and reusing them in the production of new shoes.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!