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CAAA Restaurant x GNL Footwear

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wellbeing, innovation and quality unite us

What GNL Footwear and CAAA Restaurant have in common is our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The designer restaurant, known for its avant-garde approach, presents exclusive menus that tickle the taste buds. At the same time, the interior features 3D-printed elements that create an immersive and visually stunning atmosphere. Our specially crafted footwear complements this vision, focusing on functionality and style, ensuring that staff are not only at the forefront of fashion but also equipped for the demands of their dynamic roles.

NEWly opened restaurant in Lucerne


The new "CAAA" restaurant covers a total of 185 square meters and is divided into four individually designed rooms. Each room embodies its own theme and offers an exclusive dining experience with only 20 seats each.

The self-taught chef and entrepreneur also wants to break down the boundaries between kitchen and guests and create multi-sensory taste experiences: Catalano's food and drinks are not only meant to be enjoyed, but also to be touched, seen, heard and felt.

everyday life in the kitchen and in service

The CAAA Restaurant team is on their feet for endless hours in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant - from the fridge to the workstation, the oven, the stove and yes, even the dishwasher. It's a non-stop dance that lasts until the last bell rings.

That's why we trust GNL

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Now let's talk about another part of the job, the heroes of everyday life - our footwear! Comfort, style and practicality are key to our performance. That's why we rely on GNL. Their custom-made soles make long shifts a breeze and ensure that we feel comfortable and don't get tired. Because in our kitchen, comfort and style go hand in hand with GNL sneakers!