A Swiss family in Florida

The passionate quest for shoe sole innovation

Walking and running along the boardwalks close to the beaches, Jürg noticed that some sand covering the tarmac ground provided optimal cushioning. Why? On every step the sand absorbed the shearing forces smoothly gliding the foot into its step and directly pushing it back off from the pavement.

This was his Eureka moment - to Jürg’s engineering mind it all made sense. Negative impact on joints is largely due to an abrupt stop after a horizontal motion. Gliding into the step softens the impact and leads to a more fluid movement.

Equipped with a garden hose, a pair of scissors and some super glue, Jürg crafted his first prototype. He cut the garden hose into pieces and glued them to the sole of his shoes. The rubber tubes shear and collapse during impact, yet stay firm and stable for the push-off.


Swiss engineering excellence - GNL’s revolutionary 360° 3D shoe cushioning system

GNL Skizze von Schuhsohle

The world’s smartest shoe - the GNL Glide’n Lock® principle

Quality and sustainability are matters of the heart

"Growing up at the beach and spending a lot of time in the Swiss Alps gave me a deep love and respect for nature. For me, quality over quantity has always been key. I want people to get the most out of their GNL shoe - the highest comfort and longest usage. It is my mission to make the best quality product with as little negative impact on our planet as possible.

That is also why we invented the re-sole program. We are tireless in working towards our ambitious sustainability and eco-friendly goals.”

Eric Braunschweiler, CEO and Founder of GNL

Strategic collaboration with Clinique La Prairie – shoe innovation meets wellness

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