Designed for your best comfort.


The unique GNL soles work according to the patented Glide'n Lock™ principle.


When you land, the sole gently absorbs the impact. The cushioning elements of the sole are 360° adaptive. Thus, forces are perfectly absorbed not only vertically but also horizontally without suppressing the natural reaction of your foot. Thanks to this technology, GNL does not require thick soles to perfectly cushion every step. You'll notice from the first time you wear GNL shoes that you glide smoothly into every step.


During push-off the sole remains firm and allows you perfect power transmission. With your full bodyweight, the cushioning elements retract into the sole (lock). This gives you a stable and powerful push off the ground and you don't lose any energy.

The shoe that adapts to you

GNL stands for Glide'n Lock

The Glide’n Lock™ Technology, confirmed by several laboratories, is particularly healthy. GNL shoes can reduce and prevent pain in the feet, back and joints. In addition, the intelligent sole works against tired legs.

Confirmed by leading laboratories

The EMPA St. Gallen, a research institute of the ETH, attests that GNL provides 30% better cushioning than comparable models.

The Heeluxe Lab in California, USA, attests to the high stability. Other shoes with similarly high stability are much wider, thicker, and therefore also heavier.