Everything about GNL


We have two waterproof models. These are the Hiker Stracciatella and the Hiker Stealth Black. Both models have a 360° Tex membrane for maximum breathability and dryness.

The other models (Water-line, Leather Shoes and George) are not equipped with this membrane, i.e. the shoes are not waterproof, but water-repellent. If the shoe is additionally waterproofed, this increases the water-repellent effect.

If your outsoles have worn out, we can have them replaced for you at a reasonable price in our shoe workshop. See RE-SOLE YOUR GNLS

Our shoes are compatible with orthopaedic insoles. We recommend that you make sure that the
insoles are not too thick or high, as otherwise you will stand too high in the
heel cap and no longer have proper support.

All models listed under "Reduced models" will no longer be produced in the future.

Some GNL laces are elastic and 50% stretchable. This means you can save yourself the hassle of lacing and simply slip in and out of your shoe after adjusting the laces once.

To adjust the elastic laces, pull them as tight as necessary. Then tie new knots and cut off the rest. It's that simple!

Size and cut

Our shoes are generally normal in size. If you are still unsure which shoe size to choose, we recommend that you use the size chart on our website.

GNL shoes are neither particularly wide nor narrow cut. The great thing about GNL is that they adapt to your foot thanks to their soft and flexible materials. If you have very wide feet, the shoes will soon feel like socks after a little break-in. If you have very narrow feet, the fit can be adjusted very easily using the laces.

The George models are best suited for this.

The general rule is that you should go with the larger foot. This means that if one is 41 and the other 42, we recommend size 42.

Due to the size of our company, we are not yet able to offer shoes in half sizes. However, we are endeavoring to make this possible in the future!


Leather and vegan leather shoes should be waterproofed at least twice before you wear them for the first time. Leather and vegan leather reacts well to good care and therefore lasts a very long time. Shoes should therefore be treated regularly with care products and impregnation. This keeps them looking good and repels dirt and water.

For cleaning, we recommend water and a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt, or a little washing-up liquid and water together with a fine brush especially for leather and suede. Make sure you wash off the soap and allow the shoes to air dry. Finally, we recommend using a shoe spray to protect leather and synthetic materials.

The textile insoles of leather shoes can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30° Celsius and should be left to air dry.

Les chaussures en textile doivent être imprégnées dès la première utilisation et à intervalles réguliers avec un produit adapté aux chaussures en textile.

Si elles sont sales, nous recommandons d'utiliser une brosse fine avec un peu de liquide vaisselle et d'eau pour enlever la saleté. Nous déconseillons vivement de mettre les chaussures dans la machine à laver, car cela peut endommager le matériau et affaiblir la colle. Après avoir nettoyé tes chaussures, laisse-les toujours sécher à l'air libre et utilise ensuite un spray protecteur pour les protéger de la saleté et de l'eau.

Les semelles intérieures en textile sont lavables en machine à 30° Celsius maximum et doivent être séchées à l'air libre.

Oui, les semelles intérieures en textile sont lavables en machine à 30° Celsius maximum et doivent être séchées à l'air libre.

Les chaussures GNL ne doivent pas être lavées en machine. Un cycle de lavage dans la machine à laver peut, en combinaison avec la température, entraîner la dissolution de la colle de la semelle.


Every GNL shoe is made in a small mountain village in Bulgaria. When you buy our products, you are supporting a small European family business.

Our leather comes from Italy. For the shoes, we only use leather that is left over as waste from meat production. When making the shoes, we take great care to use as much leather as possible in order to waste as little material as possible.


Our stock levels are updated in real time. In other words, what is displayed online is what is available at the moment.

If your size is out of stock, you can enter your e-mail address on the product page and we will notify you as soon as the desired product is available again.

If no pre-order is offered for this product, we are unfortunately unable to accept individual pre-orders or reservations.


We have a network of retailers and a showroom in Zurich. You can find all addresses and information about our locations here.