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Size and cut

Our shoes are usually true to size. If you are still unsure of which shoe size you should choose, we recommend using the sizing tool on our website.

GNL shoes are neither particularly wide nor narrow cut. The great thing about GNL is that it adapts to your foot thanks to its soft and flexible materials. If you have very wide feet, the shoes will soon feel like socks after a little wearing in. If you have very narrow feet, the fit can be adjusted very well via the laces.

Our elastic laces

Once set correctly, there is no need for any more lacing.

Some GNL laces are elastic and can stretch up to 50%. That means you can save yourself the annoying lacing, and after initially adjusting the laces, you can slip in and out of your shoe with ease.

To adjust the elastic laces, pull them as tightly as needed. Then make new knots and cut the rest off. You’re good to go!


What is the best way to care for my GNL shoes?

Leather shoes should be impregnated at least twice before wearing them for the first time. Leather responds well to good care and will last a long time as a result. Therefore, the shoes should be treated regularly with care products and impregnation. The insoles of the leather shoes are washable in the washing machine (in a laundry bag, on a hand wash program and at cold temperature).

Textile shoes should be impregnated before wearing and should be done regularly. If they get dirty, you can easily wash them in the washing machine (in a laundry bag, on hand wash program, and at cold temperature). So you can enjoy your shoes for a long time!


Every GNL shoe is manufactured in a small mountain village in Bulgaria. With the purchase of our products, you support a small European family company.

Our leather comes from Italy. We only use leather left over as waste from meat production for our shoes. When manufacturing the shoes, we take great care to use as much leather as possible to waste as little material as possible.


Once the outer soles are worn down, we can have the outer surface replaced in our shoe workshop in Zurich or at a location near you. See RE-SOLE YOUR GNLS

The GNL insoles can easily be exchanged without any issues so that you can wear your GNL shoes with orthopedic insoles if needed.