Collaboration with Clinique La Prairie

Swiss shoe innovation meets medical wellness

Something special has arisen. A symbiosis of wellness, health and well-being. Clinique la Prairie (CLP) and GNL Footwear are working together towards a healthier future.

“CLP” stands for medical wellness. Medical care, rehab, and relaxation at the highest level. Not only the location in the heart of the Swiss Alps but also the medical know-how of its 50 specialists speaks for itself. They help you live a healthier and longer life.

In the Clinique la Prairie, everything is in under one roof – so that you are well looked after.

Our shoes now complete this extensive package because they also stand for relaxation, lightness, well-being, and health. A Swiss innovation that pioneered sole construction to make everyday life as pleasant as possible. For this special collaboration, we have designed a very special shoe, especially for CLP. Light, breathable and finished with a very special fiber. The fiber is impregnated with special FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) emitting ceramic nanoparticles and is specially woven for the upper material of the shoe. The resulting new woven upper material, which covers the foot as the upper shoe, then generates the special FIR radiation that reaches the skin. This special radiation offers health benefits that have been proven in studies.

If you want to learn more about it and want to delve deeper into the topic, click on this link:

in which a study on FIR is discussed. Because the FIR has a biological effect, it, therefore, also serves medical purposes.

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