Men's Long Distance Walking Sneaker

Designed with excellent cushioning and stability for those who are ready to tackle at least 10k+ steps per day with ease.

our 360° cushioning glide'n'lock

Enjoy discovering new walking routes with our George models, offering an all-round cushioned experience. The advanced Glide'n'Lock cushioning technology absorbs shock from all sides, ensuring a comfortable and supported stride. Lightweight, stylish and perfect for long walks or short hikes, these shoes set a new benchmark for elevated comfort.

sporty use of the clinique la praire model

With our exclusive and limited edition George Clinique La Prairie model, equipped with the patented Smart Yarn "Emana", you can go straight from the gym to the office during your lunch break. This innovative material promotes micro-blood circulation, making it comfortable to wear every day. Even after a long day of walking, the shoes still feel comfortable and cozy

daily recreational use

Conquer the neighborhood with your four-legged friend or explore nature on the weekend - with this shoe, every step becomes a pleasant experience. Treat yourself to the luxury of comfort and style on every dog walk and spontaneous exploration tour.

Elegantly through your everyday life

With our George models, you'll be ready for a day at the office, an after-work aperitif or late-night shopping. Find the model that suits your lifestyle and walk lightly through your versatile everyday life. Best of all, your George will help you stay fit in the evening thanks to its unique sole, which gives you back energy instead of draining it.