Ladies Commute Walking Sneaker

The standard for comfort and style with maximum shock absorption and energy efficiency for everyday walking.
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our 360° cushioning glide'n'lock

Look good and feel good from morning to night in these sophisticated yet extremely comfortable shoes made from high-quality materials such as Italian full-grain leather. Whether you're in the office, out for a walk by the river or at a business event, these shoes will keep you stylish and, thanks to our patented cushioning technology, you'll feel fit from morning to night.

Regenerate in hectic everyday life

Ideal for daily use in urban areas. The unique sole technology makes it easy and even fun for you to walk more often instead of taking public transportation, or to walk to work instead of taking the car.
Convince yourself of the motivating character of GNL shoes.

Get through the day in style

What makes this casual shoe truly unique is our patented cushioning technology. Enjoy the luxury of a shoe sole that not only looks stylish, but also supports your foot all day long. Our innovative cushioning keeps you energized and fit from morning to night.