How it all started...

Focus on health and quality
Partnership GNL x Clinique La Prairie

Clinique La Prairie and GNL, both committed to a holistic, healthy lifestyle, offer their customers an optimal solution for an attractive everyday footwear. The special edition GEORGE CLP uses a scientifically proven smart yarn for the upper to make the shoe even more comfortable, and premium black vegan corn leather adds an elegant touch. Handmade in Europe with forward-thinking sustainability, the shoes aim to improve comfort for men and women in everyday life and are suitable for all occasions - whether at the gym, walking around town, at work or traveling. The elastic laces make it easy to put on and take off and ensure practicality.

Pure health

Thanks to bioactive minerals embedded in the yarn, body heat is absorbed and emits far-infrared rays to the skin, which have a thermoregulatory effect and improve blood microcirculation, accelerating foot regeneration and increasing overall comfort and well-being.

The unique sole, developed in Switzerland

The shoes feature GNL's patented sole, which contains 16 cushioning elements that stimulate the nervous system during walking and increase muscle activity. The cushioning elements move freely and retract into the sole as you walk, resulting in optimal, powerful push-off. The same cushioning elements in the sole also act when standing, giving the body an "active posture," which in turn allows for better posture, increased muscle activity, improved circulation and reduced stress on the joints. The shoes have received awards from EMPA St. Gallen, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (a research institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the Heeluxe Lab, Scientific Center for the Study of Footwear, in California, USA.

George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie
George Clinique La Prairie

George Clinique La Prairie

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Upper materials
vegan leather details:
45% polyurethane, 34% pre-consumer-recycling-
nylon (nylon waste from factories) and 21%
polyurethane from renewable resources (non-food corn).

Knitted upper:
Emana® is solvays polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with a far infrared technology that transforms the human body heat in benefits to skin care. Thanks to bioactive minerals embedded in the yarn, emana absorbs the body heat and emanates far infrared rays back to the skin offering thermo-regulation properties and improving blood micro-circulation. Lining 3d mesh made from 100% recycled polyester


insole: algae-based eva* foam outer sole: partly made from recycled rubber (pre- consumer collected from factories)