Developed for your best wearing comfort.


The unique GNL soles work according to the patented Glide'n Lock™ principle.

360°Walk Technology

Adaptive cushioning elements move in a 360° motion and retract back into the midsole after landing.

GNL stands for Glide'n Lock

The result of our 360°Walk technology is our Glide'n Lock philosophy, which allows you to glide into each stride, reducing initial impact and micro-shocks to the body. The sole then remains firm and ensures a stable and energy-saving push-off.

How it works

The grooves around the cushioning elements enable 360° movement, while the air chambers in the midsole ensure that the cushioning elements retract on landing.

How does the technology support me?

The 360°Walk Technology enables you to take more steps through relieving the musculoskeletal system of aches and pains by reducing micro shocks in joints and muscles during landing. During push-off, you will notice an effortless and weightless walking sensation, saving energy and keeping you going longer. Many of our wearers report feeling less tired and more fresh even after a long day on their feet.

Confirmed by leading laboratories

The EMPA St. Gallen, a research institute of the ETH, certifies that GNL has 30% better damping than comparable models.

The Heeluxe Lab in California USA confirms the high stability. Other shoes with similarly high stability are much wider, thicker and therefore heavier.