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The resole of your GNL shoes is very simple. You have the choice between the following two options:

With each option, we also pack a new pair of insoles.

Current Information:

Unfortunately we had to increase the prices for our Resole program a short time ago. The reason for this is that the cost of the shoemaker has increased.
In order to be completely transparent, we would like to disclose the cost of the Resole program and show that GNL Footwear does not make any money from it. What we care about is that the GNL shoes can be worn as long as possible with the best comfort.

Below is the cost breakdown.

Price re-sole end customer

90 CHF

Minus the following costs


Re-soling Ortho Brunner (hourly rate 120CHF)


Postage costs from Ortho Brunner (charged to us in RE) to us


New GNL sole


Postage sending to Ortho Brunner


Postage to customer


Option 1 - New soling

If you choose this option, send us your shoes for resole. After you complete your purchase, send us your shoes to the address below along with a copy of your order confirmation email. We will take care of the rest and you will receive a new shoe back in approximately two weeks.

Address for sending:

Renggerstrasse 60
8038 Zurich

Note: You are responsible for organizing and paying for the shipping of your shoes to us at the showroom. We will organize and pay for the return shipping.

You can also bring them in person. Also if you would like to pick them up when they are ready, please select the pick up option at checkout.

Option 2 - Soles only

If you choose this option, we will mail you the soles so you can have them resoled at a shoemaker of your choice. Support your local shoemaker locally and save yourself time and shipping.

Note, however, that with this option we are not responsible for the quality of workmanship or the service fee.


Switzerland & Liechtenstein:
Courier: Swiss Post
Delivery time: 1-2 days
Free delivery

Rest of World:
Courier: UPS Express
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Free delivery

We deliver worldwide with tax and customs included, so you don't need to worry about any surprise costs during delivery.


Your satisfaction is our highest goal, and we hope that the product you have purchased meets your expectations. If you have changed your mind about the products ordered from GNL, you can return the products to us within 30 days of the original invoice date so that we can provide an exchange or refund. We offer free exchanges and returns. Please follow the exchange and return process in the link below. You also have the option to return or exchange items at our showroom. The right of return does not exist for the purchase of gift vouchers and the category "Re-Sole".

To exchange or return an item click here

Please note that the exchange of goods or reimbursement of the value of goods is only possible if the goods are in their original condition, i.e. undamaged, clean and in their original packaging.

In any case, please contact us by e-mail before returning any items if you have any questions.

If you have a warranty issue, please contact us at


Every GNL shoe is elaborately handmade in Europe. We only work with partners with whom we have full transparency, and we regularly visit the sites ourselves to ensure proper working conditions and production quality. Currently, our manufacturing takes place in a family-run shoe factory in the Bulgarian mountains. A small factory with a long history and importance within the village and community. 


We also strive to never overproduce and try our best to match supply and demand in a sustainable way.

All our materials are purchased in Italy. We want to ensure short transport routes to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as ensure that all our materials meet the highest quality standards.


We want you to enjoy your GNL product for as long as possible. Through our re-sole program, you can help contribute to a waste-free society by extending the life of your shoes.

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healthy feet, healthy body

Regenerate while walking

GNL stands for

Glide'n Lock

Swiss design

Our design is minimalist. We don't use unnecessary frills, in order to keep our shoes as light as possible. With an average of only 220g, GNL shoes are some of the lightest shoes on the market.


Made in Europe



Get the most out of your GNLs and restore cushioning and profile for an as-good-as-new feeling.

"I wear GNL shoes because, firstly, they're extremely comfortable and secondly, the axial and horizontal forces on the foot are ideally cushioned."

Dr. med. Patrik Noack, Sports Doctor

"When my day is packed with various jobs and meetings, I choose an outfit that fits for everything - my GNLs are always part of it. Stylish, light, super comfortable. Unbeatable. "

Luisa Rossi, Lifestyle-Fashion Consultant

"GNL shoes help speed up my recovery time when I'm not in my skates."

Lara Stalder, Swiss National Ice Hockey Player